Greg The Bunny (TV Series)

"We can sing and dance
and we don’t need pants
See, we’re just like you
We’ve got regular jobs
just with low door knobs
See, we’re just like you
Yes, we graduate from Harvard
Tardy: At the head of my class!
But if you take sobriety
Warren: I may not pass
There’s no strings attached
There’s no hand up my (horn sound)
We’re Just like you"

This way starts this television show in which the muppets coexist with the human beings. The musical number belongs to Marc Shaiman and Scott Whittman, perfect minds for the kind of humor of the product.
In the show we can be surprised with a muppet prostitute, other one in the university or passing and alcohol test. That gives us an idea of the kind of jokes that this production offers.
Starred, among others, by Seth Green and Eugene Levy, as well as an enterteining handful of muppets, the series presents a humor written for the adult audience, with direct references to sex, drugs and even with ironic jokes on Sesame Street, as well as the existing difference of classes between a world inhabited by human beings and muppets.
A true cult tv series, of irreverent humor, sadly cancelled too soon, but thankfully available in DVD (with subtitles in Spanish, thanks my God!).
Apart the number of Shaiman and Whittman (very good), the score for the chapters turns out to be signed in a few cases by Mark Mothersbaugh, and in others by John Adair, Steve Hampton and Korbin Kraus.