When Harry Met Sally

Highly important movie, since it supposes the happy meeting between Marc Shaiman and Rob Reiner, as well as Nora Ephron and the director of photografy (latter director) Barry Sonnenfeld. One of the better movies from the director, When Harry Met Sally gets Shaiman's talent as arranger and adapter of classic tunes, as its indicated into the movie credits. Though numerous sources, Shaiman is also the composer of the original score, the truth is that this one is too short and practically non-existent and the final credits recognize his work as author of a couple of themes, lost into the movie between the dialogue, "Lady's Lunch" and "The Tables have Turned", this one written with Laura Kenyon and his pal Scott Wittman.
Shaiman and Thomas Sharp also work as orchestrators, fact that leads to the mistake of some sources, indicating both as authors of the original music.
Among the numerous classic songs adapted for the occasion lets remember "It Had to be You", by Isham Jones and Gus Kahn, who turns into "official theme", and starts and closes the movie, appearing in more than half a dozen times, including the performings by Frank Sinatra or Harry Connick, Jr.
Among the rest of famous classic songs: "Autumn in New York", "Winter Wonderland", "Our Love is Here to Stay"... The compact disc turned to be a Harry Connick Jr's album., produced by himself and Marc Shaiman. Connick is the star of the cd release and his picture is on the cover near the main couple (Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal). The disc would know a tremendous success, reporting a Grammy to Connick and a nomination for Shaiman. The career of both artists would continue tied, getting more nominations for and prizes in the Grammy Awards. The work of both artists elbow by elbow has led the singer to qualifying Shaiman as "a genius".

Score: 4 - Adaptaction: 9.5