Marci X

Awful Scott Rudin's production directed by such an awfull director as Richard Benjamin and where Marc Shaiman returns to coincide with Mervyn Warren. In The Wedding Planner (2001) Warren was the composer and Shaiman was assuming the work of musical adviser, besides the glorious one (though brief) appearance to the piano (see "Media" section).
Here Warren returns to take charge of the score and Shaiman this time turns out to be credited together with this one as composer of the songs. Warren composes three ("Eat the Beat", "Power in my Pants" and "Vote for Spinkle") and Shaiman five, two in solitarily and other three sharing credits with Warren.
The interest of Marc Shaiman's work is really limited since the movie centres on the absurd wanderings of a king of Hip Hop (Damon Wayans) and his relationship with a rich and stupid New York girl (Lisa Kudrow). The movie does not make sense and is the whole drag, which justifies its well-deserved failure.
"Power in my Purse" is an enterteining rap with touch gospel for Lisa Kudrow and it is necessary to emphasize that parts from his lyrics are inspired by Irvin Berlin. "Let's Wait/Let's Dates" is probably the most interesting contribution of all those from Shaiman: a bowl theme for the musical group of awful young performers close to Blue or New Kids on the Block, but that serves the author to laugh at this class of bands: the theme appears into two variants, the first one ("Let's Wait") that dedicates a puritanical message of sexual abstinence. Then, after the rapper performed by Damon Wayans comes in they change the lyrics, the choreography and the tune (now is called "Let's Date"), now the whole number is about homosexuality relationship of the four awfull boys.
"Woman of Color" contributes an ethnic touch whereas "In the Butt" is a rude rap which only importance takes root in his South Park's worthy letter.
Finally, the last number of the movie, "Marci X" performed by the cast of the movie and gospel vocalist, fusing hip hop with different influences in a closing for a movie that dont deserve to waste your time.
This movie is a complete disaster.